SR-Ricochet Shooting glasses
SR-Ricochet Shooting glasses
SR-Ricochet Shooting glasses
SR-Ricochet Shooting glasses
SR-Ricochet Shooting glasses

SR-Ricochet Shooting glasses


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SR-Ricochet are among the Best Shooting Glasses UK and worldwide

SR shooting glasses are the latest in competitive shooting sports protection from Napier UK. Designed by shooters, the SR allows for a full 180 field of view maximising performance and comfort. Complete with 5 interchangeable lens to suit all lighting conditions. The new Napier Ricochet lens is optically correct and made from the highest quality polycarbonate to offer unrivalled protection.

Explore the importance of shooting glasses in safety, performance, and style with our comprehensive guide.

Designed by Professional Shooters in the UK: Shooting Glasses UK

Ricochet lens colour guide: What Colour Shooting glasses for sporting clays?

Grey: Good for the highest light level conditions, this lens reduces eye fatigue, provides accurate colour perception, and minimizes glare.

Vermillion: Ideal for low lighting and enhancing orange clays. This lens improves visual depth, reduces eye strain, enhances visibility, and offers the most significant amount of contrast.

Sodium: Ideal for fog, haze, and extreme weather conditions, this lens filters out blue light.

Bronze: Good for general use and everyday conditions, this lens enhances contrast and contains a red element to improve depth perception.

Lilac: Good for low light levels and impact protection without colour change.

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Removing & changing lens.

Understanding the Importance of Shooting Glasses: Discover What Makes SR-Ricochet Glasses One of the Best Choices

How to keep Shooting Glasses from fogging up?

Glasses can sometimes fog up because of condensation from your breath or sweat; there's not much you can do to prevent it, particularly if you are wearing a face mask which was common throughout the Pandemic, and some people still choose to wear them. Ultra Soft micro filament gun cleaning cloth is an extra soft non-scratch fibre ideal for cleaning barrels, action, stocks, and optics. Keep one of these tucked in your pocket so if your glasses do fog up, you have a quick, safe and convenient way to restore them in the field.

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