SR-Ricochet Shooting glasses
SR-Ricochet Shooting glasses
SR-Ricochet Shooting glasses
SR-Ricochet Shooting glasses
SR-Ricochet Shooting glasses

SR-Ricochet Shooting glasses


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Introducing the SR series by Napier of London, UK, the latest in eye protection tailored for competitive shooting sports. Created with insights from professional shooters, the SR range of shooting glasses promises a comprehensive 180° field of view, maximising both performance and comfort. They come equipped with five interchangeable lenses, ensuring optimal visibility in varying lighting conditions. At its core, the Napier Ricochet lens stands out, crafted from top-tier polycarbonate ensuring both optical precision and unparalleled safety for maximum eye protection. Ideal for Men and Women

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Ricochet Lens Colour Guide: Choosing the Best Lens Colours for Sporting Clays and shooting sports:

High Definition Lens colours: These shooting eyewear models come in a variety of lens colours that work with different types of light, background and clay colour:

  • Grey: Optimal for bright light conditions, it minimises eye fatigue, provides true colour perception, ideal for orange and pink clays, filters light equally and significantly reduces glare from bright light. These are popular shooting colours.
  • Vermillion : Designed for dim lighting conditions, especially a dark background, this red or rose lens accentuates orange clays, improves depth perception, reduces eye strain, and offers heightened contrast.
  • Sodium - Light yellow: This yellow lens is ideal for foggy conditions, adept at filtering out blue light, great for orange clays. These are also amongst the most popular shooting colours.
  • Bronze - Light Brown: Versatile for general and everyday use, this light brown lens augments contrast and integrates a red element to further depth perception. Often a favourite game shooting colour.
  • Lilac - Purple lenses: Suitable for low light conditions, offering impeccable impact protection without altering colour perception.

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Removing & changing lens.

Understanding the Importance of Shooting Glasses: Discover What Makes SR-Ricochet Glasses One of the Best Choices

Lens colours, and why they are important: Light and Weather.

The use of different lens colours broadly falls into two categories, either to help with different light spectrum or weather conditions. Choosing the right lens for different clay colours can dramatically improve your shooting performance. For bright, sunny days, a grey or smoke-coloured lens is ideal as it reduces glare and allows the true colours to come through. On the other hand, if you're shooting against green backgrounds or in low - poor light conditions, yellow lenses or a brown lens can heighten contrast and provide better visual clarity. A vermilion lens is particularly beneficial for shooting against blue skies as it enhances the orange hue of the target, making it stand out. Mixed weather conditions and poor light can have a significant impact on visibility, making it more challenging to navigate and perceive the surroundings accurately. Choosing the right lens or being able to change lenses when conditions change is crucial for capturing the perfect shot. Always remember that selecting a lens is subjective and depends on your personal comfort and the light conditions on the day of shooting. Experiment with different lens colours to find the one that works best for you and your shooting needs.

Aside from choosing the right lens color, it is also essential to consider the fit and comfort of your shooting glasses. A well-fitted pair of glasses, like the SR-ricochet glasses, can significantly improve your shooting performance by reducing distractions and providing a clear field of vision and offer maximum protection. The SR-ricochet glasses are designed with a lightweight frame, ensuring maximum comfort and minimal interference with your aim. Additionally, these glasses offer superior protection for your eyes, shielding them from any debris or fragments that may be released during shooting.

In addition to selecting the right lens and ensuring a comfortable fit, it is also essential to properly maintain and clean your SR shooting glasses. Regularly wiping them with a Napier Ultra-soft microfiber cloth and using lens cleaner can help prevent scratches and smudges.

Proper care and maintenance of your shooting glasses are also crucial in prolonging their lifespan and ensuring optimal performance. When not in use, store them in the protective case provided to prevent scratches or damage.


Shooting Glasses can sometimes fog up because of condensation from your breath or sweat; there's not much you can do to prevent it, particularly if you are wearing a face mask which was common throughout the Pandemic, and some people still choose to wear them. Ultra Soft micro filament gun cleaning cloth is an extra soft non-scratch fibre ideal for cleaning barrels, action, stocks, and optics. Keep one of these tucked in your pocket so if your glasses do fog up, you have a quick, safe and convenient way to restore them in the field.

In addition, there are some tips and tricks you can try to prevent your shooting glasses from fogging up:

  • Make sure your glasses fit snugly on your face, leaving little space for air to circulate.
  • Use anti-fog spray or wipes designed specifically for eyewear. These products create a thin layer that prevents moisture from forming on the lenses
  • Avoid wearing hats or hoods that may trap warm air around your face and cause condensation

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Shooting glasses UK

When choosing glasses in the UK, safety should be the primary concern, but comfort and practicality are also key. Napier offer products with different levels of protection, lens tint options to enhance clarity in diverse lighting conditions, and design features that optimise fit and comfort. A well-chosen pair of glasses not only protects your eyes from potential hazards but also can improve your performance by providing clear, unobstructed vision. As always, remember to apply anti-fog measures and clean your glasses regularly for the best experience.

Can I use my prescription lens for shooting?

A question often asked is "can I use my prescription lens for shooting"? Even if you already wear prescription glasses, it's crucial to understand the importance of specific eyewear for safety and performance when engaging in shooting activities. Your regular eyewear may not provide the necessary protection from potential hazards such as a stray or falling pellet or clay ricochets, flying debris, or even dust that can occur during shooting. Napier SR-Ricochet are designed with high impact polycarbonate to withstand impacts and offer better side protection, something ordinary glasses don't usually have. They can also enhance visibility in various light conditions, aiding in better target acquisition.

Are shooting glasses the same as safety glasses?

While safety glasses can provide some protection during shooting, they are not designed specifically for this activity. Where as sporting glasses have special features such as anti-glare coatings, adjustable nose pads and interchangeable lenses to improve contrast and reduce eye strain, making them more suitable for shooting. Additionally, these glasses often come in wrap-around styles to protect the eyes from all angles, while many safety glasses only cover the front of the face. Therefore, investing in a pair of dedicated glasses is recommended for optimal protection and performance.

As a shooter, your safety and performance are paramount. When it comes to protective eyewear, SR-Ricochet glasses are designed with these key aspects at the forefront. Unlike regular prescription glasses or general safety glasses, SR-Ricochet glasses provide a level of protection and comfort tailored specifically for shooting activities.

Why choose Napier SR-ricochet?

To start with, the high impact polycarbonate build of SR-Ricochet glasses offers superior durability and resistance to impacts. This means they can effectively shield your eyes from potential hazards such as ricochets, flying debris, or dust that are common in shooting environments. The added side protection that these glasses provide is a crucial feature absent in ordinary glasses or lesser safety glasses.

Beyond mere protection, SR-Ricochet glasses could also enhance your shooting performance. With their interchangeable lenses, these glasses can improve contrast, reduce eye strain, and adapt to various light conditions. This adaptability aids in better target acquisition, making your shooting experience smoother and more successful.

When combined with the Napier Pro-9 Hearing defenders you have the ultimate in shooting safety and style.

So, when you purchase SR-Ricochet glasses, you're investing in a product tailored specifically for your needs as a shooter. You're prioritising your safety, without compromising your performance. These glasses are not just an accessory, but an essential part of your shooting gear, with the potential to significantly enhance your shooting experience.

In conclusion, the benefits of SR-Ricochet glasses extend far beyond the initial investment. From providing robust protection, enhancing visibility to improving overall shooting performance, these glasses are a must-have for every shooter. Safety, comfort, and performance are intertwined in their design, providing you with the best shooting experience possible. Don't settle for less when it comes to your safety and shooting performance, choose SR-Ricochet glasses. So, improve your game with the best glasses on the market, and take your shooting to the next level.

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