Selecting the Right Lens Colour for Shooting Glasses: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing the right lens colour for your shooting glasses isn't just about aesthetics; it's a vital aspect that can significantly affect your performance in various lighting conditions. This guide focuses on how to select the perfect lens colour for your shooting glasses, including the SR-Ricochet Shooting Glasses from Napier UK.

Understanding Different Lighting Conditions

Understanding various lighting conditions is essential when choosing the right lens colour. From bright sunlight to low-light scenarios, different lenses can enhance or hinder your performance.

Bright Sunlight

In bright sunlight, dark-coloured lenses like grey can reduce glare and eye strain.

Overcast Days

For overcast or cloudy days, lighter shades such as yellow or vermillion can improve contrast and visibility.

Low Light or Foggy Conditions

In low-light or foggy conditions, clear or sodium lenses can enhance visual clarity without altering colour perception.

Choosing Lens Colour Based on Target

Different targets might require unique lens colours. Here's a guide tailored to various sports and shooting activities.

Sporting Clays

Vermillion is often preferred for enhancing orange clays.

Skeet Shooting

Yellow or orange lenses can provide contrast against blue skies.


most often clear but some hunters choose Green or brown lenses which might be preferred for woodland environments.

Interchangeable Lenses: A Versatile Solution

With interchangeable lenses, such as those offered by SR-Ricochet Shooting Glasses, you can easily switch between colours to adapt to different lighting conditions and activities. Learn more about the SR-Ricochet Shooting Glasses and their interchangeable lenses here.


Choosing the right lens colour for your shooting glasses can significantly impact your performance and comfort. By understanding the lighting conditions and selecting the suitable lens colour, you ensure the best possible vision and targeting accuracy.

Explore our complete range of SR-Ricochet Shooting Glasses and find the ideal lens colour for your next shooting adventure.