Guide to Choosing the Right Shooting Glasses in the UK: Understanding Lens Colours, Materials, and More

Importance of Quality Material in Choosing the Right Shooting Glasses

Shooting glasses should offer unrivalled protection. Polycarbonate lenses, like those found in the SR-Ricochet glasses from Napier UK, provide a high level of impact resistance, ensuring your eyes' safety.

Shooting Glasses Lens Colours Guide

Different lens colours serve various purposes in shooting glasses:

Grey Lens - Good for High Light Levels

Ideal for high light levels; reduces eye fatigue and minimises glare.

Vermillion Lens - Enhances Orange Clays

Improves visual depth, reduces eye strain, enhances visibility.

Sodium Lens - Ideal for Fog and Extreme Weather Conditions

Filters out blue light; perfect for challenging weather.

Bronze Lens - General Use

Enhances contrast; contains a red element to improve depth perception.

Lilac Lens - Good for Low Light Levels

Offers impact protection without altering colour perception.

Learn more about the specific Ricochet lens colours in our shooting glasses lens colours guide, and how it applies to Napier's SR-Ricochet Shooting Glasses here.

180-Degree Field of View in Shooting Glasses

A full 180-degree field of view, provided by the SR-Ricochet glasses, ensures that you have unobstructed vision, aiding in accurate targeting.

The Benefits of Shooting Glasses with Interchangeable Lenses

Consider glasses with interchangeable lenses, like the SR-Ricochet glasses, to suit all lighting conditions. They are an essential feature in choosing the right shooting glasses for competitive sports.

Comfort and Fit of Shooting Glasses

Look for glasses designed by shooters, like the SR-Ricochet glasses, which ensure optimal comfort during extended use, making them some of the best shooting glasses for competitive sports.

How to Prevent Shooting Glasses from Fogging Up

Fogging on shooting glasses can be a nuisance, especially when you're in the middle of a competition or hunting. This fogging typically occurs when warm air from your body meets the cooler surface of the lens, causing condensation. Here are some ways to prevent your shooting glasses from fogging up:

1. Anti-Fog Coatings and Sprays

You can purchase a special anti-fog spray. Apply it to the lenses following the manufacturer's instructions. This coating creates a barrier that helps prevent condensation from forming on the lens.

2. Use a Micro-Filament Gun Cleaning Cloth

Keep a micro-filament gun cleaning cloth tucked in your pocket. If your glasses fog up, it offers a quick, safe, and convenient way to restore clarity in the field.

3. Proper Ventilation

Ensure that the glasses have enough ventilation. Glasses that are too tight against your face may restrict airflow, leading to fogging. SR-Ricochet glasses are specifically designed with ventilation in mind, designed to sit the correct distance from the face. Choose designs that allow air to circulate, or slightly adjust the glasses for a better fit.

4. Mind the Temperature

Temperature changes can cause fogging. Try to keep your glasses in a similar temperature to where you'll be wearing them. If you move from a cold environment to a warm one, give your glasses time to acclimate.

5. Consider Anti-Fog Lens Materials

Some brands, like SR-Ricochet glasses, might offer lens materials specifically designed to resist fogging. Explore the available options and choose one that suits your requirements.


Choosing the right shooting glasses is a vital aspect of competitive shooting sports. By understanding various factors like lens colours, materials, and design features, you can select glasses that best suit your needs. Explore the innovative SR-Ricochet Shooting Glasses by Napier UK, designed by shooters for shooters, and find the ideal pair for your requirements.