Hearing Protection and Eye protection



      Let's be clear - shooting safety is no fluke. It demands top-notch gear designed with precision and care. And that's precisely what Napier's personal protection products deliver. Crafted to exceed even the highest quality standards, they ensure that you enjoy your sport while confidently cocooned in safety.


      Experience the clarity and confidence that comes with Napier's exceptional range of shooting safety glasses and eye protection. Engineered for all shooting sports, our glasses don't just meet, but exceed rigorous safety standards. Not only are they CE marked and compliant with BSEN 1836-1997, but they also pass the ultimate test - a shotgun blast (no 8 shot at 15 yds 12g 32 gram). With Napier, you're not just getting safety - you're getting a shield.


      Napier takes pride in locally designing all our shooting glasses right here in the UK. Crafted from the highest quality polycarbonate, these glasses are more than just optically correct - they're your bulwark against potential hazards, providing unparalleled protection while you engage in your passion.


      Introducing Napier's Pro 9 and 10 shooting hearing protection - the silent heroes that safeguard your ears. Tested, marked, and boasting remarkable published levels of protection, they're your trusted partners on the shooting range.


      The Pro 9 and 10 Hearing protection isn't just about noise reduction. It's about ingenious technology that cancels out harmful noise without the need for batteries, electronics, valves, or any moving parts. How does it work? By employing unique patented sound chamber technology that deflects damaging sounds away from the ear canal. Here, the sounds are dampened, refracted, and cancelled, leaving you with only clear, low-level sounds such as speech. With over 32 decibels of noise reduction, spread evenly across all frequencies, it's not just about hearing protection, it's about offering tranquility amidst the gunfire.