Napier protector 1 shotgun slip
Napier shotgun slip inside detail

Protector 1 Shotgun slip


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Experience the Unrivalled Quality of the Napier Protector 1 Shotgun Slip

Enter the world of exceptional firearm protection with our Napier Protector 1 Shotgun Slip, a paramount choice in gun slips. This top-tier shotgun slip is meticulously crafted to safeguard shotguns with up to a 30-inch barrel length, setting the standard for firearm care.

Napier Shotgun Slip: Unmatched Durability for UK Shooters

The Napier Protector 1 is more than just a shotgun sleeve. Manufactured from robust Natex construction, it stands as a symbol of durability and protection among gun slips in the UK. Heavily padded with foam and fleece, it ensures your gun remains in pristine condition, whether in transit or storage.

Comfort and Practicality, Synonymous with Napier Shotgun Slips

Beyond its protective qualities, this shotgun slip offers unparalleled comfort and convenience. Featuring an ergonomic shoulder strap and easy-to-hold carry handles, the Napier Protector 1 is a paragon of user-friendly design. Its spacious outer pocket, capable of holding your license, chokes, and other essentials, makes it a must-have shotgun sleeve for any shooting enthusiast.

The Best Shotgun Slip on the Market

When it comes to the best shotgun slip, the Napier Protector 1 stands alone. Its combination of unrivalled design and quality promises optimal protection for your firearm, making it one of the most popular shotgun slips in the UK.

Benefits of Our Fleece-Lined Shotgun Slip

Discover the advantages of a synthetic fleece lined shotgun slip with the Napier Protector 1. This key feature prevents any potential scratches or damage, adding another layer of protection that sets it apart from other gun slips.

Dimensions for Precision Fit

With dimensions of 127cm (50") x 18cm (7"), the Napier Protector 1 offers a precision fit for your firearm. This, combined with the slip's comfort and protective features, positions the Napier Protector 1 as a leading choice among shotgun slips in the UK.

For a shotgun slip offering premium protection, enduring durability, and practical features, choose the Napier Protector 1. It's not just a shotgun sleeve - it's a dependable partner for your firearm's safety.

Vp90 sachet pocket for ultimate corrosion protection

The Napier Protector 1 Shotgun slip also comes with a special internal pouch, specifically designed to hold one Super Vp90 vapour phase inhibitor anti-corrosion sachet. Protecting your gun from corrosion whist in the the slip.

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