Napier Vp90 corrosion inhibitor for guns
Vp90 being installed in a gun slip
Napier Vp90 being installed in a gun cabinet
A box of Napier Vp90 sachets

Super VP90 Corrosion Inhibitor


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Defend Your Firearms with Super VP90 Sachets: A Leading Solution in Storing Guns

Have you had enough of corrosion compromising the integrity of your prized firearms? The solution is here: the Napier VP90 sachet, also known as Super VP90. With its sterling reputation amongst over half a million firearm enthusiasts globally, you're assured of unparalleled quality in corrosion protection.

Innovative Vapour Phase Action

Super VP90's unique vapour phase process lays an invisible mono molecular layer on all exposed metal surfaces, ensuring other materials such as glass, plastic, wood, and leather remain unaffected. This creates a barrier, protecting your metal objects from damaging moisture and corrosive elements.

Super VP90: A Safe Shield for Your Firearms

Super VP90 stands out due to its non-absorbent nature. Contrary to heaters and desiccants that can cause wooden gun stocks to crack and split, Super VP90 does not draw in moisture. This ensures your firearms' safety when storing guns in gun cabinets or any other environment. Regardless of atmospheric humidity, Super VP90 consistently provides reliable protection for your firearms and metallic objects.

Long-Lasting Corrosion Protection with Super VP90

The latest enhanced Super VP90 now offers even longer corrosion protection, capable of safeguarding a 1 cubic meter (35.5 cubic foot) space for over a year. Whether you choose to store guns in a Brattonsound gun cabinet, or any other type of safe, Super VP90 ensures your firearms remain in perfect condition, even when storing guns in cold weather.

Invest in Napier VP90 Sachets Today for Maximum Gun Protection

Don't wait for corrosion to damage your precious firearms - protect them now with Super VP90. Trust in the ultimate corrosion protection relied upon by over 500,000 firearm owners around the world.

Note: For optimal security, always choose a gun cabinet with locks for storing guns. Secure your firearms, secure your peace of mind with Napier's Super VP90.

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