Keeping Your Guns Rust-Free: A Detailed Guide on How to Protect Guns from Rusting in Storage

Rust is more than just a cosmetic concern for firearm enthusiasts—it's a destructive factor that can hinder a weapon's performance and even compromise safety. Fortunately, you don't have to let rust get the better of your guns. This blog post will guide you through the process of protecting your guns from rust, ensuring they maintain their top-notch condition, even in challenging circumstances.

Recognising the Threat of Rust

Rust is a type of iron oxide that forms when iron, or iron alloys such as steel, come into contact with moisture and oxygen over extended periods. Given that many parts of guns are made from these materials, firearms are naturally susceptible to rusting. Rust can degrade your firearm's performance, potentially rendering it unsafe to operate.

Storing Guns in Cold Weather

In particular, cold weather can exacerbate the risk of rust. Temperature fluctuations often lead to condensation, meaning your firearm could be exposed to moisture even when stored away. Hence, it's crucial to be extra vigilant about rust prevention when storing guns in cold weather.

Warm, humid weather can also promote rust. Heat can increase the rate of chemical reactions, including oxidation, which leads to rust. Also, humid environments provide abundant moisture in the air, which can condense onto the metal surfaces of guns, promoting rust.

Thus, both cold and warm, humid conditions can increase the risk of rust on firearms. It's important to store firearms properly in all weather conditions, taking extra measures to control humidity and limit exposure to moisture, to protect them from rust. This includes regular cleaning, using rust-preventive products such as Napier VP90 gun cleaner and oil, and storing firearms in a secure and controlled environment like a gun cabinet with locks and installing a Vp90 sachet.

Proactive Measures to Prevent Gun Rusting

 1. Regular and Thorough Cleaning

Routine cleaning is the primary defence against rust. Ensure you clean your gun meticulously after every use. This not only removes dirt and gunpowder residues but also eliminates fingerprints that can carry corrosive salts. A product like Napier VP90 Gun Cleaner can aid in this process, offering thorough cleaning to maintain the longevity of your firearm.

2. Lubricate with Quality Gun Oil

Quality gun oil, such as Napier VP90 Gun Oil, can provide a protective barrier between the metal surfaces of your gun and the surrounding air, thereby preventing oxidation. A thin layer applied to the metal parts of your firearm is all that's needed.

3. Store in a Gun Cabinet with Locks and Leverage Napier Super VP90 Sachets

Investing in a quality gun cabinet, like a Brattonsound gun cabinet, can offer both security and a controlled environment that helps to inhibit rust formation. Secure storage prevents unauthorised access while helping to maintain the integrity of your firearms. For an additional layer of rust protection, consider using Napier Super VP90 Sachets. These sachets work by establishing a protective mono molecular layer on your gun's metal surfaces, thereby delivering exceptional resistance against moisture and corrosion.

Maintain Your Firearm in Pristine Condition

It's crucial to remember that rust prevention is significantly easier than rust removal. By implementing these preventative measures, you can ensure your firearm remains in optimal condition, safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing for many years.

Rust might be the adversary of any firearm, but with diligent care and the right tools, such as Napier VP90 sachets, gun cleaner, and oil, you can combat corrosion effectively. Begin safeguarding your firearms from rust today—your guns are worth the effort!

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