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Napier Gun Oil - Premium Firearm Protection You Can Trust

Recognised as a favoured choice among esteemed gun manufacturers, Napier of London has built a reputation that inspires trust. Celebrated firearm creators like James Purdey & Son, Westley Richards, Holland & Holland, EJ Churchill, and BASC (the UK's largest shooting organisation that promotes sustainable shooting in parliament) have exclusively selected Napier gun oil, testifying to the product's unmatched quality and efficacy.

At Napier of London, we're driven by our passion to craft high-calibre gun care solutions that offer both superior performance and ease of use. Resulting from years of meticulous research and development, our own cans, and those adorned with our partner`s exclusive branding, are designed to offer the highest level of care to your guns. Napier Vp90 gun oil is made in England.

Napier Gun Oil – Unparalleled Protection for Your Firearm

If you're in search of a gun oil that offers the ultimate protection for your valued firearms, Napier Gun Oil is your solution. Formulated to deliver comprehensive protection against rust and corrosion, our gun oil contains VP90 corrosion inhibitors that offer both contact and vapour phase protection, ensuring your firearms stay in pristine condition.

Resilient in Extreme Conditions

Napier Gun Oil is designed to weather extreme temperatures without compromising on its protective attributes. No matter the conditions, it guarantees your firearm's action and ejectors remain lubricated and functioning at their best.

Ease of Cleaning with High Surface Adhesion

Cleaning your firearm shouldn't be a taxing process. Napier Gun Oil's high surface adhesion properties ensure that the oil stays put, effortlessly removing fingerprints and other residues with a simple wipe, leaving your firearms in a like-new condition.

Ideal for a Wide Range of Firearms

Napier Gun Oil is a versatile solution suitable for all shotguns and rifles. It doesn't just offer complete protection but also simplifies the cleaning and maintenance process of your firearms.

Proudly Manufactured in the UK

Napier Gun Oil embodies the highest standards of UK craftsmanship. Each bottle is manufactured and produced in the UK, using top-tier ingredients to ensure maximum protection for your firearms.

Napier Gun Care and corrosion control products are produced in England, in strict compliance with ISO9000 and ISO14000 quality and environmental standards. Our raw materials are quality-assured, UK-sourced, and our exclusive formulations meet all current HS requirements and legislation.

The Ultimate Gun Oil for Protection and Storage

Keep your firearm in peak condition with Napier Gun Oil, even during storage. Apply our gun oil after cleaning to prevent corrosion, ensuring your firearm remains lubricated and shielded.

Gun Oil Lube – The Guardian of Your Firearm in Storage

Napier Gun Oil is your firearm's ideal partner, especially when it's being stored away. Applying our gun oil after cleaning prevents corrosion during storage, ensuring your firearm stays in optimal condition, ready for your next adventure.

Are you looking for a gun cleaner, lubricant, and protector? Look no further than Napier Gun Cleaner Lube. If you are looking for a gun cleaner lubricant, see Napier gun cleaner lube.

Gun grease

Failing to lubricate certain gun parts of your gun can expose them to friction/stress, which may cause them to fail over time. Even if your gun isn't used, moisture from your storage environment can corrode the metal parts and form rust. These issues could impact your gun's reliability, safety, and accuracy. See Napier VP90 Gun grease


Unlocking Canine Potential with Scent Training for Dogs

Napier gun oil isn't just limited to firearm protection; it also plays a pivotal role in scent training for dogs. This intriguing and engaging activity allows dogs to utilise their intrinsic sniffing capabilities, providing a platform for both fun and focused training.

Scent Dog Training - Building Trust and Understanding

Scent dog training, or scent work, isn't merely an activity; it's an opportunity to forge deeper connections between a handler and a dog. Napier gun oil, recognised for its safety and effectiveness, is a preferred tool in these training sessions.

Harness the Power of Scent Training for Dogs with Napier Gun Oil

Scent training for dogs is not only fun and engaging for your canine companions, but it also provides a unique bonding opportunity. Safe and effective, Napier gun oil is an often-employed aid in these sessions, allowing dogs to tap into their natural abilities while fostering a better understanding and trust between them and their handlers.

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