The Ultimate Guide to Gun Oil Lube, Uses, and Benefits

Gun Oil Lube: A Must-Have for Firearm Maintenance

Gun owners and enthusiasts know the importance of proper care and maintenance. One product that stands out in this regard is Napier VP90 Gun Oil, a premium firearm protection solution crafted in the UK. Designed for gun aficionados, it offers unparalleled protection, resilient performance, and ease of use. But the question remains: What makes this UK-manufactured product so special?

Unmatched Protection for Your Firearm 

Whether you own shotguns or rifles, Napier Gun Oil guarantees your firearm remains in pristine condition. Known for its high surface adhesion properties, it effortlessly removes fingerprints, leaving your guns in like-new condition. This gun oil lube is manufactured in the UK, meeting the highest standards of craftsmanship.

How to Use Gun Oil

Proper usage of gun oil is essential for optimum results. Follow these steps to use Napier VP90 Gun Oil:

  1. Clean: Wipe the outside of firearm with a dry micro filament cloth (Napier Ultra soft) to remove dust and debris.
  2. Apply: Apply a small amount of Napier Gun Oil to the surface.
  3. Wipe: Gently wipe the oil across all metal parts to ensure protection. Alternatively a Napier Vp90 field patch can be used to wipe down the outside of the gun, they have been designed specifically for this purpose and are pre-saturated with Vp90 gun oil.
  4. Polish: Using a clean Napier Ultrasoft micro filament cloth, buff to a shine, if desired.
  5. Barrel: Using Napier Ultraclean wrapped around an Ultra jag with the smooth side of the material facing up, apply gun oil lube to the smooth side of the material and pass the rod through the barrel several times to ensure an even coating.

Can Gun Oil Be Used on Hinges and Knives and other metal parts? 

Though primarily designed for firearms, Napier Gun Oil's quality and protection extend to other metal objects. Many wonder, is gun oil good for hinges? Indeed, it can be used to lubricate hinges, preventing squeaks and rust. Additionally, if you're pondering is gun oil good for knives? Napier Gun Oil lube provides corrosion protection for blades as well. However if you are looking for a product specifically designed for blades we advise using Napier Apex honing and knife care oil.

Explore Napier Gun Cleaner Lube

If you need a dedicated gun cleaner and lubricant, Napier Gun Cleaner Lube is worth exploring. This versatile product complements Napier Gun Oil, offering a comprehensive solution for your firearm needs.


Whether you're an avid shooter or just starting, investing in quality gun oil like Napier's can make a substantial difference in the performance and longevity of your firearms. It even finds utility in your household with hinges and knives. The UK-crafted Napier Gun Oil is not just a product but a guardian for your valued possessions.

Learn more about Napier VP90 Gun Oil  and keep your firearms in peak condition.