Super VP90 Corrosion Inhibitor

  • £8.01


Protect Your Guns and Metal Objects with Super VP90

The Ultimate Solution for Gun Preservation

Are you tired of rust and corrosion ruining your guns and metal objects? Look no further than Super VP90! With over 500,000 shooters worldwide already using it, you know you're getting the best protection available.

Advanced Vapor Phase Action

Super VP90's advanced vapor phase action deposits an invisible mono molecular coating on any exposed metal, leaving glass, plastic, wood, leather, and other materials completely unaffected. Its vapor deposits an invisible mono molecular film that bonds to any exposed metal surface, providing a barrier against moisture and corrosive elements.

Protects Your Guns Without Damaging Them

Super VP90 won't absorb moisture, so it won't dry out your wooden gun stocks, preventing cracking and splitting commonly associated with heaters and desiccants in gun safes. Regardless of the atmospheric humidity, Super VP90 will work to protect your guns and metal objects.

Long Lasting Protection

The new and improved Super VP90 lasts even longer and will protect a 1 cubic meter (35.5 cubic foot) area for over 1 year. Whether you're storing your guns in a gun safe, bag, locker, or tackle box, Super VP90 will keep them protected and in pristine condition.

Get Yours Today

Don't wait until it's too late – protect your guns and metal objects with Super VP90 now. Trust the product used by over 500,000 shooters worldwide for the ultimate protection solution.



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