Universal Cleaning Mat

  • £34.17

Protect Your Surfaces with the Ultimate Gun Cleaning Mat

The Best Solution for Shotgun and Rifle Cleaning

If you're looking for a gun cleaning mat that's big enough to accommodate any sporting rifle or shotgun, then look no further! This super mat is designed to provide a non-slip neoprene base, which keeps your firearm secure during cleaning. It also features a chemical and oil-resistant synthetic suede work surface, which protects your valuable firearm and the surface it is placed on.

The handy docking panel is perfect for keeping cans and small parts in place, and the mat can be easily rolled up and carried wherever you need it. This makes it a great choice for use at home or on the go. Say goodbye to scratches and chemical damage from cleaning your firearm on unprotected surfaces. Get your hands on this must-have gun cleaning accessory today!

shot gun cleaning mat


Rifle cleaning mat

For use with both shotguns and Rifles

Dimensions: 40cm x 138cm (16" x 54.5")

Note :cleaning tools, materials and guns are for illustrative purposes & are not included

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