Ultra Clean

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Introducing Ultra Clean - The Ultimate Shotgun Cleaning Solution

 From the trusted brand Napier of London

New from Napier of London, the ultimate addition to our renowned range of gun care products, Ultra Clean is a revolutionary new fabric that simplifies the task of cleaning your shotgun. With its advanced technology, Ultra Clean has been tested and proven to outperform all conventional shotgun cleaning products on the market.

Cut Your Shotgun Cleaning Time in Half with Ultra Clean

The special double-sided and self-amalgamating fabric roll of Ultra Clean can quickly dislodge and remove any fouling with ease. When used with Napier Gun Cleaner Lube, cleaning time can be reduced by over 50%. Ultra Clean is like having a brush and mop in one, making shotgun cleaning a breeze. The rough side of the fabric has a safe abrasive action that scrubs the bore, removing all dirt particles, while the soft mop side absorbs gun cleaner and oil for a quick and thorough clean.

Self-Amalgamating Fabric for Ease of Use

Ultra Clean is self-amalgamating, meaning it bonds to itself like Velcro and will not unwind on a cleaning rod. It is also ideal to wrap around your hand and use as a polishing mitt for cleaning and handling barrels and wooden stocks. Say goodbye to old, soiled dusters and rags and enjoy a new clean surface every time with Ultra Clean.

The Most Convenient Shotgun Cleaner

Ultra Clean is conveniently packaged in a gold carton containing 12 meters (13.12 yards), which is more than enough for 75 x 12 bore cleans. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the best shotgun cleaner on the market with Ultra Clean from Napier of London.

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