Apex Scope Cover

  • £29.99

Scope covers can keep moisture out of your lens unit, which will help the clarity and integrity of your scope. They also help to reduce dust, so you don't need to waste your time cleaning the dust from your scope before using it.

It can be awkward and clumsy if you need to take your scope cover off part way through a stalk. Often there is nowhere to place your cover once removed, and there is little time to deal with it part way through an approach, so it's no surprise that many scope covers are dropped and lost in the field.

The Apex Moderator cover will stay on your rifle; the conveniently placed strap is quick and easy to use and will keep the cover secured to your moderator. You can remove both ends of the scope cover quickly, easily, and silently when required and replace them when finished.

Universal - fits most scopes
Ultra stretch 2mm neoprene
Easy fit
One-handed fast removal
Silent brushed fabric
Proven Digital camo
Super lens protection
Lightweight just 32g

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