Nylon jag for cleaning shotgun barrels by Napier of London
Nylon Jag
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Shotgun Cleaning Jag: The Ultimate Tool for Maintaining Your Firearm

Suitable for 12 and 20g. Maintaining your shotgun's barrel is a pivotal aspect of gun care, and our Shotgun Jag stands out as the quintessential tool for this purpose.

Why Choose Our Nylon Shotgun Jag?

Constructed from premium-quality nylon, our shotgun cleaning jag ensures a thorough and gentle cleaning process, safeguarding the internal integrity of your barrel. Its non-abrasive material guarantees that no scratches or damages are inflicted.

Benefits of Using Our Shotgun Cleaning Jag

Not only does our nylon jag efficiently remove fouling and debris, but its durable design ensures longevity, meaning fewer replacements over time. Trust in our Shotgun Jag to keep your firearm in pristine condition for years to come.


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