The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Air Rifle

Air rifles, like any other precision tool, require regular maintenance to perform at their best. This maintenance isn't just about functionality; it's also about preserving the lifespan of your gun. With proper cleaning techniques, you can keep your air rifle in optimal condition and extend its longevity. Here's our step-by-step guide on how to clean your air rifle with ease and efficiency using Napier's Power pull through kit. 

Step 1: Prep with Napier Power Airgun Oil

Before you start the cleaning process, it's important to have the right tools at hand. Napier power airgun oil is a fantastic choice when it comes to preparing your air rifle for cleaning. Spray inside the barrel with Napier air gun oil, ensuring every nook and cranny is covered. Once done, allow it to soak in for about 30 seconds to a minute. This initial step helps loosen any accumulated dirt or residue, paving the way for a thorough clean.

Step 2: Employ Your Pull-Through Tool

The pull-through tool is a crucial component in the cleaning process. It's essential to pass it through the barrel carefully from the muzzle end. If your air rifle is equipped with a moderator, make sure to align the cable correctly. Here's a bonus tip: using a drink straw can facilitate this step and make it a lot easier! or simply remove the moderator.

Step 3: Determine and Attach the Correct Number of Patches

You need to consult your instruction manual supplied in the Napier pull through kit to ascertain how many patches are required for your specific calibre or if you are unsure start with one patch. Once you've determined the number, attach the patches to the loop and pull through the air rifle. After each pull-through, inspect the patches for any fouling.

The cleaning process is not a one-shot affair. Repeat the pull-through process until the patches emerge clean. This repetition ensures that all the residual grime is effectively removed from your air rifle.

Step 4: Polish the Outer Surfaces

Once the internals of your air rifle are squeaky clean, it's time to pay attention to the exterior. Using the field patches supplied in your Napier power pull-through kit, give the outer surfaces of your rifle a good clean and polish. This step will help maintain the aesthetic appeal of your air rifle, making it look as good as new, and leave behind a thin layer of Vp90 to keep the metal surfaces protected from corrosion.


That's it! This quick and straightforward cleaning guide can help you maintain your air rifle in top-notch condition. Regular cleaning not only enhances the performance of your gun but also significantly extends its lifespan. So, give this cleaning regimen a try and enjoy a smooth, clean shot every time!

Remember, an efficiently maintained air rifle is a safe and reliable one. Cleanliness contributes to the precision of the tool, ensuring every shot is as accurate as the last. Happy cleaning and shooting!

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