Coming soon - New Apex moderator cover & Apex Scope cover

Coming soon - New Apex moderator cover & Apex Scope cover

  • £29.99

 Two new products coming soon: For product enquiries or to be placed on our Pre-order list call 01235 812993 or send an email using the website contact form.

Napier's Professional stalkers have designed the New Apex Moderator cover and the New Apex scope cover. They have been extensively tested in the field for functionality, effectiveness, and ease of use. Ensuring the products are appropriate for professional deer hunting. The result is a set of unique products suitable for all types of hunting.

Here's what Chris Dalton, UK Stalker of the year 2021 had to say:

"I`ve Just been field testing the new mod and scope cover developed by the clever folk at Napier. I gave up with having any sort of scope covers on some years ago, bikini type I found  a problem when trying to remove smoothly if confronted with a roe in woodland at 50 yards, and the flip up type always seems to catch on my jacket while stalking and actually turns the scope out of focus, or drop off ! other slip on scope type covers I have used always seemed to be a poor fit and I had similar issues where again they work loose-  you set off with them on and finish the stalk with it a few miles away in some hedge bottom ! I have used the new Napier scope cover for a week of full on stalking and it fits well , stays on ( the little Velcro strep is great ) and is very easy to remove and silent. I like the set up and the colour is good, blends in and looks great on the scope as well. Mod cover similarly does the job, very nice set up and they will be staying on the rifle , so they do work and give excellent protection, stop the annoying ping of the mod if you catch it on anything  and protects the scope from knocks and moisture, we have had no rain here recently but walking through chest high vegetation with early dew  has resulted in very  wet lenses – this cover stops that .Good product ."


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