Hearing Protection and Shooting Glasses

Shooting Glasses

Shooting safety is no accident. Napier personal protection products are made to the highest quality and meet or exceed national safety standards keeping you safe while enjoying your sport.

Shooting safety glasses

You will benefit from Napier's optical range of shooting safety glasses and eye protection made for all shooting sports, and in addition to being CE marked and compliant with BSEN 1836-1997, they are also subjected to a shotgun blast test (no 8 shot at 15 yds 12g 32 gram).

Shooting glasses UK

All Napier shooting glasses are produced in the UK; they are optically correct and made from the highest quality polycarbonate to give you unrivaled protection.


Shooting Ear Protection

Napier Pro 9 and 10 shooting hearing protection is CE tested and marked and has impressive published levels of protection.

Shooting hearing protection

The Pro 9 and 10 Hearing protection for shooting uses effective Noise-canceling technology without batteries, electronics, valves, or any moving parts! Unique patented sound chamber technology directs damaging sounds away from the ear canal, where they are dampened, refracted, and cancelled. The effect is amazingly clear low level sounds such as speech, but with highly efficient protection from damaging noise levels such as gunfire with over 32 decibels of noise reduction, evenly across all frequencies.