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Gun Cleaner & Lubricant 750ml, 300ml or 125ml Aerosol cans

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Chosen by James Purdey, BASC, Royal Berkshire Shooting School, EJ Churchill and many leading gunmakers worldwide
Napier's award winning Gun Cleaner Lubricant.
Two in one action. Cleans and oils any type of gun. Removes fouling, effectively cleans using safe solvents, leaves a micro film layer of Napier Gun Oil and ensures lasting protection from corrosion.
Will not degrease and can be safely used on all firearms.
This product is made specifically for guns and will not damage oil or urethane stock finishes.

Available in 125ml, 300ml & 750ml cans

With use of the GA Connector it is possible to refill the handy 125ml can from the giant 750ml can (see the below). Sold separately the GA connector simply connects the two cans together allowing the 750ml to refill the 125ml can.

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